Lupine Metaphor, 1997
The evolution of a short poem through trial-and-error use of an extended metaphor.
Over The Ocean, 1995
To Cynthia, though probably an exaggeration, in retrospect.
Let Them East Cake, 1993
To Kathleen with love on Saint Valentine’s Day.
By You The World, 1993
To a lost friend, hoping she will find it.


National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To NPCs, 2008
Fictional testimonials from scarred victims of players of that fantasy game your mother warned you about.
Æsthete Hyt-Tyl-Tyl-Bas of the Veelab, 1999
An alien race and character write-up for The Lattice online multiplayer game.
The Unseen Eye, 1999
The origin story for an Aberrant table-top RPG character.
Malkari In-Game Backstories, 1998
Blue Talon Corp, Crimson Dawn, Diamond Cooperative, Emerald Combine, Golden Order Of Reason, The “Real” Backstory (from game manual) The backstory for Interactive Magic’s Malkari turn-based strategy game, told from each faction’s perspective.
War, Inc. Parts Descriptions, 1997
Parts descriptions for Interactive Magic’s War, Inc. real-time strategy game, written in the voice of a no-nonsense weapons tester.
Future History Of The HSL, 1997
The beginnings of a narrative and pseudo-science framework for my own science fiction universe.
A Moment Of Culmination, 1993
A short story based in the Lovecraftean Mythos which explores various facets of evil while mocking the Industrial Age and its products.
Isolation Of The Builder, 1993
A short story introducing my Future History and touching upon concepts of origin, being, and scale.
Cynwal’s Confession, 1989
The trials of youth lead to the attorneys of age in this dark fantasy short written in the second person.
The Missing Link, 1989
A short story asking what first defined humanity by guessing at its first human gesture.
Affidavit Of The Defendant, 1989
[Under Revision; ending was CRAP.] A Lovecraftian tale of three scholars who bite off more than they can chew in a re-discovered Norwegian castle ruin.
The Leaf, 1989
A science fiction short story based upon the plight of drug-addicted laborers in Central American cartel plantations.
The Cottontail Legacy: Part II, 1987
Fable noir—what even the Bothers Grimm wouldn’t tell you.
Commando, 1987
Awarded the 1987 O’Henry Award for Juniors by the Greensboro Historical Society, this short-short story takes a glimpse at the inner workings of a child’s imagination and reason.


The Past Through Today, 1998
The backstory of an Old Clan Tzimisce character enacted in live-action role-playing sessions with Black Rose Productions.
Such Is Gorbo, 1998
A journal of live-action role-playing sessions as a Malkavian prankster with Black Rose Productions.
The Life & Unlife Of Joerghen Kielvonbroud, 1997
A journal of live-action role-playing sessions as a Toreador Primogen with Black Rose Productions.