Timing Social Media Messages For Service And Show Industries, 2012
An article about using social media effectively to reach the maximum number of viewers at the best time for a given offering.
Facebook Events In Google Calendar, 2011
A short procedure to pull Facebook Events into Google Calendar using a hard-to-find Facebook ICAL link.


Treehouse, an Icehouse System Game, 2008
( A brief review of gameplay and quality, with notes on how the game is a gateway to the full Icehouse System.
Dread: The First Book Of Pandemonium, 2008
( A longer, actual-play review of a violent and dark roleplaying game based on a convention game with its designer.


The Degrees Of Being: A Linguistic Framework, 1992
A metaphysics essay that suggests new terminology for the discussion of the fundaments of philosophy.
The Two Sides Of The Same Coin, 1992
An argument for the equivalence of religion and philosophy, as complimentary approaches with the same basic goal: pleasure.
Where Lies the Jina?, 1991
Defense of Jainism as a unique metaphysics and religion, not a bastard child or blend of Hinduism and Buddhism as is often espoused.
Energetic Triadism, 1991
An early attempt to define metaphysical truth by marrying Idealism, Monadism, Dualism, and quantum theory (obsolete).
Foundation Vexation, 1990
A discussion of “strong” and “minimal” foundationalism espoused by Schlick and Goodman, respectively
Hume’s Causal Confusion, 1990
Demonstration that David Hume’s constant conjunction and counter-factual theories of causation are not as equivalent as he asserts.
A Dubious Dichotomy, 1990
Analysis of the inherent tension in society between liberty and responsibility, and an assertion of which gets priority in conflicts over rights.
Political Versus Social Emancipation, 1990
An essay discussing Karl Marx’s distinction between political and social freedoms.
The Melding Of Thought, 1990
Analysis of early Greek philosophy as a blend of myth and rational empiricism.
The Balance of Yin and Yang, 1989
A brief essay explaining the requisite, inherent blending and balance of Yin and Yang in Taoism.
The Doxastic Assumption, 1989
An attack on Bonjour’s use of his “Doxastic Presumption” to avoid infinite regress in metaphics.
Mixed Drinks, 1989
An essay that proposes a balance of coherentism and foundationalism as a best approach to a useful normative philosophy.
On Machiavellianism, 1988
An analysis of Machiavellian political philosophy: its influences, emergence, and persistence to this day.

Literary Criticism

“LitRPG” – Game Text As Literature, 2009
A short assessment of how a role-playing game could present a theme, rather than merely being a manual of procedures.
Union: A Fictionalized Treatise On Modern Marriage, 1993
An essay on the treatment of marriage in three major Modernist novels, told from within a framing fictional story.
“The Relic’s” Hopeful Imagery, 1993
A study of sexual imagery and Catholic dogma in John Donne’s “The Relic.”
Bernard Shaw’s Superman: The Defining Servant of the Life Force and Its Evolution, 1993
An essay on Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman,” with a discussion of existentialism’s failure to serve the “Life Force,” except accidentally.
Percy’s Rebuke, 1991
A fictionalized essay which presents Walker Percy’s themes in his novel Lancelot.
Hamstringing Pride, 1990
A discussion of the transference of pride in wealth to pride in virtue in Thomas Moore’s Utopia.
Blood Imagery In Macbeth, 1990
An exploration of blood imagery in Macbeth as both a pacing device and tool for the value judgment of violence in the tragedy.
Hamlet’s “Problem”, 1990
An analysis of The Tragedy of Hamlet focused on demonstrating that Hamlet’s “insanity” is all part of his complex plan to kill and damn Claudius.
The Interrelation Of Parts, 1989
Analysis of the two related parts of The Second Shepherd’s Play as religious allegory and educational or didactic tool.
Contorted Blend: Elements of Nihilism in Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet”, 1989
An analysis of nihilism and how to libe with its crushing truth, through the fictional lens of Chekov’s “The Bet.”