Aug 221995

But the ocean drowns in its embrace,
Each granted depth the more crushing.
You dive deep, under wave, into current,
Knowing you must breathe,
Holding out ’til desperate, choking.
Staying down because you love the flow.

But I saw you breathe,
saw you dance over the waves.
You smiled my way as you flew free,
Breaking the still swells, seeing me.
And you drifted near, tasted my air.
Kissing the wind that I stirred.

But the depths called, pulled, an undertow.
The ocean will not wait.
It must wash over your all.
Won’t wait.
Won’t accept your leaping over its claws.
Letting you never fly forever.

But I will follow.
I will attend.
A warm wind trailing your submerged shadow,
offering its soft touch, to fill your chest,
to cleanse your breath when you choke.
Open hand, its fingertips in green seas.

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